Defence Cleaning

defence_cleaning Defence Cleaning

Defence Building Cleaning old and new – roadways – fencing – silos – pipes – valves – whatever the type and complexity of the site and wherever the location, we will be able to clean, refurbish and renew as you require.

We provide specialist cleaning and building maintenance services for all types of structures. We also wash and clean stone windows, brick, concrete, paint, metal and wood, clean and refurbish cladding and gutters, obliterate graffiti, shot blast floors and paving, install anti-bird netting, renovate façades, get rid of dust and dirt, maintain fencing and repaint.

Among the defence sites we’ve worked at around the UK are RAF Cardington and RAF Alconbury for Defence Estates. Our staff are all security cleared for work on all types of sensitive site.

ESmart – Safe, Clean and Thorough

The Kaizen Group is a leader in building maintenance with over 20 years’ experience of bringing buildings facades back to life in the UK and Europe

New or old, tall or small and whatever the surface – glass, plastic, brick, block, stone, steel, aluminium, iron, concrete, wood, bitumen, tile, leading or paint – we know just what to do to make it sparkle again. Naturally, safety is paramount – our personnel are only allowed to work on jobs for which they are fully trained and qualified, including rope access cleaning.

Certifications include IPAF, IRATA, OPITO and WJA. Our environmental credentials also mean a lot to us.  Our cleaning systems are very thorough yet minimise the amount of water required and avoid chemicals whenever possible – without affecting quality.

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