Factory Cleaning

David-Work-Pictures-165 Factory Cleaning

Cleaning giant factories and warehouses – large High Bay and small industrial units – cold storage depots – whatever your location and building, tall or low, we will be able to clean and refurbish all or part of it as you require.

As part of our comprehensive warehouse & factory cleaning service we wash windows, stone, brick, concrete, paint, metal and wood.  We also clean claddingrefurbish cladding and gutters, obliterate graffiti, shot blast floors and paving, install bird netting, renovate façades, get rid of dust and dirt, provide specialist silo and tank cleaning services and repaint.

Among the many buildings and structures we’ve cleaned or refurbished are ProLogis Park Buildings across the UK, Waitrose coldstores, the Kuehne and Nagel Distribution Centres and we’ve carried out warehouse cleaning for Mothercare, Asda, Nissan and Sony as well as Tesco’s massive warehouse facility in Rugby.

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