Cladding Cleaning and Refurbishment

cladding_cleaning Cladding Cleaning and Refurbishment

If your cladding needs more than a wash and brush up to bring it back to life – if it needs repairing, replacing or repainting, we have a common sense approach that saves thousands of pounds.

Unsightly and devalued buildings leave a poor impression on customers, visitors and staff. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of a building, preserve the exterior surface, improve its value and make it easier to sell or let.

We can bring clad surfaces back to life without damaging or shortening the life of the coating, whether aluminium, concrete, composite, powder coated, plastic (uPVC), stainless steel or glass.

Whatever your cladding type, age, condition or material and your building height or length, we can inspect, wash, clean, repaint, renew and refurbish it – anywhere in the UK and Europe.

We have cleaned hundreds of warehouses and distribution centres ranging from 1,500 to 1,0000,000 sq ft.  We have perfected our cleaning processes to be speedy, safe and consistent.  We can remove surface dirt, debris, plant growth and wildlife stains that can badly affect these buildings and ultimately damage their surfaces.

  • We clean all exterior surfaces, remove mildew, mould, moss and other debris, unblock guttering and pipes and clean brickwork.
  • Relatively little water is used and, as normally no detergents are involved, the water can go directly into surface drains.
  • We can also repair and seal panels suffering from cut edge corrosion and other forms of damage.
  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, access platforms or rope technology.
  • Safety matters – our personnel are only allowed to work on jobs for which they are fully trained and qualified, including rope access.

Kaizen – Dagenham July 2014 from Rob Burnett on Vimeo.

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