Concrete Floor Refurbishment

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Concrete floors can take a lot of punishment over the years, and this can make the working environment unsafe and inefficient. Due to its nature, concrete floors can’t be cleaned with ordinary methods. In fact, normal cleaning methods can make it worse.

A specific method for treating concrete floors has been developed. See the video below:

We use the Becosan™ system because it’s the most advanced concrete floor treatment on the market. It saves time, saves money and protects your floor for years to come.

The core benefits/features:

  • High durability. Lasts longer than traditional epoxy and painted floor solutions
  • Low maintenance cost. The high durability means the concrete floor can withstand a lot more punishment. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance
  • Low installation cost. It’s quick to install, doesn’t require expensive chemicals and uses minimal labour meaning less expense for you
  • Easy to clean. Once installed, Becosan™ makes cleaning simple. Simply wash with water
  • Significantly improves health and safety. Untreated concrete floors create tiny particles of dust that get in the air. As you probably know, this is bad for your health. Becosan™ treatment eliminates this danger from the workplace
  • High light-reflectivity. This means you can reduce your artificial lighting costs

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The Kaizen Group are certified Becosan™ installers. We’ll refurbish your concrete floors safely, effectively and with minimal disruption.

As highly respected experts in our field, we offer:

  • Free on-site survey & quotation
  • Fast installation time
  • No interruption of your day to day business
  • No need to purchase any costly machinery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality work you can trust
  • Impeccable Health & Safety
  • Proven record of providing excellent cleaning service to the world’s largest owners of distribution centres and warehouses

Freephone us on 0800 1694 572 to discuss your project today.

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