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The obvious problems are unsightly appearances, bad smells and poor hygiene. The spread of disease to your stock, products, pipework and wiring run into thousands of pounds. Whether you need advice, a quotation or fast acting pest control action, drop us the bait and we’ll bite to get your problem sorted.

Aircraft hangers, stadiums, factories, warehouses, high-rise blocks and historic houses and monuments are among the many buildings where we’ve installed netting or spikes on rooftops, balconies and windows.

And by using our IRATA trained rope technicians and FASET trained operatives, we can reach everywhere, no matter how high or awkward the situation, inside or outside.

Our skilled, safety conscious staff can install pest control systems in:

  • Offices, shops, factories, warehouses, industrial units, leisure facilities, sports stadia, conference centres, concert halls and…
  • …hospitals, libraries, universities, schools, churches, mosques, swimming baths, historic houses, bridges and oil refineries.

The methods we use to dissuade pigeons and other birds access to rooftops and balconies is safe for the birds – a properly installed bird net or anti-bird spike is designed to frustrate rather than to harm them.

  • Buildings are damaged by the chemical action of bird droppings.
  • Birds will also block gutters, drains and fall pipes and their mess is unpleasant and off putting for visitors and staff.
  • Netting is often the most cost effective solution for urban bird problems – it is also virtually invisible and long lasting.
  • Our netting is tightly suspended on a tensioned steel cable with no gaps to make an impenetrable barrier that keeps birds away.

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