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Cladding Cleaning & Cladding Refurbishment

Cladding Cleaning, Walls and roofs. Whatever your cladding type, age, condition or material and your building height or length, we can inspect, wash, clean, repaint, renew and refurbish it – anywhere in the UK.

We have Kai-Wash – our unique, low cost, sustainable system for cleaning the façades of skinned buildings… every millimetre is cleaned.

But if your cladding needs more than a wash and brush up to bring it back to life – if it needs repairing, replacing or repainting, we have a common sense approach that saves thousands of pounds.

We’ve carried out our comprehensive cladding cleaning and cladding refurbishment services on over 1,000 clad buildings – including warehouses, logistic and distribution centres, industrial units, showrooms, shopping centres, offices, furniture retailers, university buildings, science parks, factories and DIY ‘sheds’.

We clean all exterior surfaces, remove mildew, mould, moss and other debris, unblock guttering and pipes and clean brickwork.

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