Industrial Painting PPC

IndustrialPainting Industrial Painting PPC

Steelwork, stone, concrete or cladding, wherever you need a lick of paint, we can match your colours and apply it to the areas you need. We can paint any building or structure, whether ancient, modern or under construction – ours is a complete painting service from preparation through to completion.

What can Kaizen do for you?

We can prepare, repair and paint buildings inside and outside, clean up and paint structures and pipework on bridges, chemical plants and machinery and paint floors, lampposts and fences.

We are used to sites with difficult access, where height is an issue, where there are confined, awkward spaces or where there are time constraints for the work to be completed during shutdown.

The Kaizen Group promise..

Whatever the surface – wood, steel, aluminium, iron, brick, stone, concrete, silicone or glass – we know just what to do.

  • We minimise any disturbance to your visitors and staff.
  • We advise on the best materials for weather resistance.
  • We can re-point brickwork, apply sacrificial coatings and anti-corrosion treatments and refurbish silicone and other sealants.

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