December 5, 2012

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson And Johnson – Bringing an iconic building back to life !

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The Problem

As a leading global brand for medical health products and domestic skincare and beauty products, you will need to have large head offices in the countries in which you operate. This itself poses its own problem but when your offices are surrounded by trees, ponds and steep grass banks, although it may be peaceful and look nice, it is certainly not that way when it comes to keeping on top of the maintenance of the site.

An office block that houses up to 1000 members of staff will certainly not be as peaceful as the surroundings it is based and when the property manager is asked to clean and restore the cladding they will be reaching for their own brand headache tablets to help out!

Health and safety is paramount for one of the industries largest companies and with nothing but the best results required it is hard to know where to start. The white cladded powder coated panels were fading and their finish was leaving an inconsistent colouring as well as having run stains from the rubber gaskets bleeding, the windows were stained and dirty and the local wildlife had done their best to leave their mark on the building. The use of cherry pickers was not an option due to the banks surrounding the property and the expensive hire of a large crane was not an option due to the hire costs that also ruled out scaffolding – but the restoration of the building still needed to be done.

The Solution

Kaizen supplied a dedicated account manager to attend site, survey the entire building and surrounding and propose a safe and cost effective solution by not only working out how to access the building, but how to clean the cladding and the glazing and then identify the best product to restore, seal and protect the cladding panels.

A team of highly trained, tenacious and safe rope access staff were deployed on site all with the correct and certified equipment to drop from the roof of the building and meticulously clean every inch of the enormous façade – all this while working around other contractors on site!

Once cleaned, the team ensured the correct application of the sealant product that not olnly restored the colour of the cladding but will protect against further weathering and degrading caused by the suns UV rays and the constant battering of winds and rain.

The end result was a job completed to the absolute satisfaction of the company, within a tight time frame, with no accidents or time loss and no need for further customer expenditure on scaffold or cranes – but still leaving a gleaming and protected head office for the property manager to sit back and be proud of.

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