November 20, 2012

Menzies Hotel, Swindon – Brick & Concrete Cleaning

What’s on the inside does count, but… Putting Menzies Hotel, Swindon, firmly back in the spotlight.

menzies-hotel-1 Menzies Hotel, Swindon - Brick & Concrete Cleaning

When you’ve stood for years on a busy town centre junction, amidst the hustle and bustle of one-way traffic lanes, main bus routes and pedestrian walkways, it’s easy to find yourself blending into the background of everyday life and grime. Even if you are eight storeys high and a bit of an icon.

Add the building of a shiny new rival just meters away, and you’ve got ‘lost in the shadows’ graffitied all over you.

The Menzies Hotel on Fleming Way, Swindon, was in need of some serious TLC. Luckily, a rescue mission to return the place to its former glory was already well underway. The newly-refurbished internal décor was already proving to be a resounding hit with the guests. But then there was the outside…

Made from bricks and beige painted concrete, the building was suffering from more than a few external issues. The bricks were fragile and stained, the beige concrete was covered in dark stains and marks, and the windows were plagued by a build-up of water-marks and bird-fouling. Not pretty.

menzies-hotel-2 Menzies Hotel, Swindon - Brick & Concrete Cleaning

So although the inside was now gorgeous and swanky, the outside left a lot to be desired. Which wasn’t so good, because when you’re a 4 star hotel, first impressions really do matter.

And there were plenty of logistical issues to deal with too. A one-way, main city road and bus lanes on the approach, an entrance to a multi-story car park and busy pavements surrounding three of its four sides were all thrown into the mix.

But at least the brief was clear: Make the outside match the brilliance of the inside – without disturbing the highway. Or the guests.

Easy. One 3-company tender process later and we were ready to bring The Menzies Hotel back to life… Very quietly.

We used every access method you can imagine, and a few more we had up our sleeve – Abseiling, cherry pickers, ladders and our special lorry mounted platforms were all used to get the team up close and personal with the building. And then we began the transformation.

menzies-hotel-3 Menzies Hotel, Swindon - Brick & Concrete Cleaning

Our specialist pressure washing system which delivers water up to 150oC (so it’s the heat, not the pressure, that cleans) gently removed years of grime from the fragile brickwork. We used the same process on the concrete parts and also treated them to a brand new protective coat of paint. And finally we cleaned and restored the windows and their frames, making them twinkle happily again in the sunlight.

During the project, our site manager formed a close bond with the hotel team (they really are a lovely bunch of people). So, as each day went by, we got to hear the numerous comments coming in about our work. It was good news – guests were now highly praising both the inside and the outside of the building and the staff felt proud to be part of the new look Menzies hotel.

So I think we can safely say, ‘mission accomplished’. But we’re not stopping there. We’re advising a two-year basic clean, keeping the place looking ship shape and the surface dirt under control.

menzies-hotel-4 Menzies Hotel, Swindon - Brick & Concrete Cleaning

It’s going to take a lot to keep The Menzies Hotel out of the spotlight now, that’s for sure.

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