December 5, 2012


Movianto – A spotlessly clean environment is essential !

Movianto Movianto

The Problem

Movianto offer outsourcing services along the pharmaceutical supply chain such as warehousing, transportation, cold chain logistics , re-packaging and re-labelling. Movianto’s international clients benefit from a Pan-European network with the bulk of storage & distribution taking part in its 8 UK sites including the 320,000 sq ft warehouse in Bedford. Managing in excess of 1 million items each day they are the only healthcare logistics provider which delivers to every hospital and pharmaceutical wholesaler daily, and can guarantee next day delivery of cooled and ambient medicines anywhere on mainland UK.

Each of these sites need to look clean both internally and externally but as well as this it is essential that the rest of the property is running properly, with no leaks, no gutter blockages, and internally it needs to be clean to reach a minimum level of hygiene for the specialist stock. Every day the overall facilities manager has differing problems to address to maintain a smooth running operation with any delay potentially costing thousands of pounds.

The Solution

Kaizen can offer multiple solutions to multiple sites covering a wide variety of building management requirements and this fits perfectly for Movianto’s daily needs.
We have carried out site surveys on their UK buildings that require attention and have provided an expert opinion of what work needs carrying out, prioritising each specific maintenance area.
From then a cost effective solution was offered to rectify the areas and dates were agreed that were convenient to each individual site to deliver the service.

Since our partnership with Movianto, we have carried out gulley repairs and replacements, internal dust removal, internal deep cleaning, external cleaning, oil removal, internal and external window cleaning and roof repairs.
We are in the process of arranging drain clearing, cladding repairs, pest control and a full external cladding clean therefore fulfilling the Facilities Manager request of becoming a one stop provider for the headaches he suffers most!

Featured Services:

Internal dust clearing
Internal deep cleaning
Cladding cleaning
Gutter clearing, repairs and replacement
Oil removal
Window cleaning
Multi site solutions

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