December 5, 2012


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The Problem

Being one of the worlds largest owners of warehouse units and distribution centres brings with it hundreds of daily problems, not least when the buildings you have invested in require the maintenance and upkeep to ensure the investors do not lose money in the long term.

This is not easy when you are the landlord of over 500 buildings, some as large as 1,000,000 sq ft, dotted all across Europe each having their own individual environmental effects taking their toll on the external features of the property.

Maintaining image and protection and prevention of damage to the external facades is high on the list of ensuring the investment in the property is not lost and this means a close, professional, knowledgeable and regular upkeep of the sites is a must.

The Solution

Kaizen Industrial Group were selected as part of a 5 business tender process to clean 20 buildings each followed by providing advice and offer a management plan to the remaining properties.
Kaizen meticulously planned the approach, assessing every building individually and offering the required maintenance for each site, whether it was a specialist clean or a full cladding restoration the service offered was cost effective and ensured each property received the correct hands on attention. Each building was entered into a database built by Kaizen and advice given for the future maintenance of the site, following with a strategic plan of how to carry out the work across the remainder of Europe. Kaizen are now proud to be the preferred partner of Prologis for the 3rd year running.

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Multi site management
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European site work

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