December 5, 2012


Chiller Cleaning – Whats on the inside really does count !

waitrose-building Waitrose

As probably the most particular supermarket chain you cannot afford to let quality be compromised from the shop floor through to the storage and distribution of the stock. Along with this there are strict guidelines involved in the storing of your food and drink stocks prior to delivery to the stores and as you can imagine with hundreds of stores around the country, you will need thousands of square footage of storage space – with some of this space being large chiller warehouses down to 2 celsius.

The vents, HGV’s and forklifts all do their bit to reduce the cleanliness of the bright white cladded internal walls and ceilings depositing their tiny particles of dirt until the build up is above the acceptable level. With ceilings as high as 12 metres, and walls as long as 100 metres, cleaning these areas is a tough job at the best of times but as an operations manager who cannot stop the 24/7 work of the warehouse it is impossible to keep on top of this and achieve the yearly deep clean and disinfectant that is required.

The Solution

Speak to Kaizen, explain to them your main problems and tell them the only 10 hour window available each week is on a Saturday evening and sit back and await the proposal – including an invention to save time, save water and disinfectant and reduce potential health and safety issues and injuries to staff.

Kaizen built a cleaning machine including brush, water jets, disinfectant spray and UV light to elevate onto the walls and ceiling using a two man team that quickly, efficiently and very effectively cleaned the surface of all dirt and debris  killing bacteria and UV light zapping the germs that made it through to the end.

The small team covered an area usually cleaned using three times as many people and machines in less than half the time thanks to Kaizen’s innovative chiller cleaning system saving the customer money, reducing disruption and giving the operations manager the peace of mind that the work would be on time and on budget.

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