About us

Kaizen (Ki-Zen) is Japanese for continual improvement and it defines who we are as a business.

For over 25 years we’ve used the Kaizen process to tackle difficult problems, find ingenious solutions and deliver nothing but the best. Our hands-on knowledge and expertise means we know what works: not just in theory, but in practice. Our infrastructure, knowledge, framework and expertise means we deliver cost-effective, efficient methods, and have the resources and logistics needed to clean, maintain and refurbish every type of large-scale building or structure.

Our Story

We’re early adopters, innovators and industry leaders…

If a new technology has the ability to improve the service we’ll invest in it, master it, and use it to give you the best results. For example, we were the first in the UK to adopt the rope-access system for building refurbishment. This technology has made our work safer, more efficient and more cost effective.

And you’re at the heart of everything we do…

Our purpose is to make your life easier, solve your refurbishment problems and increase the lifespan of buildings.

We achieve this by:

  • Having the best equipment, know-how and skills for the job.
  • Being smart, friendly and professional.
  • Always going the extra mile.
  • Keeping everything straightforward, honest and useful.

All our team members have a multitude of skills and training, including Industrial Rope Access, Powered Access Equipment, Construction Industry Health and Safety and First Aid.

Our team

Without our team we don’t have a company, just a lot of equipment.

Our team make the magic happen. They help us come up with the kick-ass solutions to gnarly building problems and  do an incredibly efficient job, in the safest way possible.

Our team can climb a building better than spiderman and can give life-saving first aid.

We don’t let just anyone onto our sites. Our team members have a multitude of skills & training, such as IRATA (industrial rope access), IPAF (powered access equipment), CSCS (Construction Industry Health and Safety) and First Aid.

We favour Industrial Rope Access Operatives – this level of training promotes a very strict self-preservation instinct, as you’d expect! And we have ex-military personnel, who bring skills and a military discipline suited to industrial sites.

Meet our guys at the top

Rob Burnett

Founder & Innovator

Rob is the one with the ideas and the know-how to turn the seemingly impossible into a reality. He pioneered the concept of industrial rope access in building cleaning, drone cleaning and designed and manufactured mechanised building cleaning systems used across the world. He’s the reason Kaizen have always been at the cutting edge of what’s possible in our market. When he’s not working on his latest brilliant idea he’s often found cycling, following a cycling race or generally making everyone else in the office look unfit.

Andy Foster

Technical Sales

Andy is our resident industry expert-at-large. Always out and about looking after current and prospective clients, there’s very little about large-scale building cleaning & refurbishment that Andy doesn’t know. If you want to chat about any aspect of a job that needs doing, give Andy a ring and he’ll pop by. If you supply some biscuits, he’ll move at incredible speeds to get to you. In his spare time he likes shooting, sea kayaking and generally being outdoors.

Justin Lemm

Operations Manager

Justin’s the man who gets everyone and everything to where it needs to be. From making sure there’s enough guys on each job, to ensuring that all of our vehicles are in tip-top condition and fully stocked with specialist equipment. A straight-talking, wake-boarding South African, Justin is the face of Kaizen and will make sure your customer experience and quality of the job we’re doing exceeds your expectations, every time.


From the first friendly chat to the last happy handshake, we’re here to make everything simple and easy, and to complete the job in hand in an efficient, safe and enjoyable way to the highest of standards.

If you’d like to talk to us about your requirements, arrange a visit, or ask our expert advice on a specialised job, please get in touch:

  0800 1694 572

  +44 (0)1234 825322


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