Sports Traider Charity 100 club member

Kaizen are proud to announce we will be supporting the Sports Traider Charity as part of their 100 club. Sports Traider provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure activities for children and adults who have need of such facilities by reason of disability, financial hardship and/or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life.
Kaizen share the the same ideals as Sports Traider and want to help to improve people’s lives and give them the opportunities to experience sports and improve there lives. Below are some of the services the  Sports Traider Charity aim to provide :
  • Equipment and support the need to discover and fulfil their sporting ambition and potential, whatever their background, ability or disability.
  • Sustainable sources of funding to help disadvantaged young people participate in sport.
  • Increased access for adults to employment and improved economic well-being through opportunities to gain skills, confidence, knowledge and work history.
  • Access for young people to education programmes, employment opportunities and developing a culture of learning and development
  • Increased opportunities to learn, providing facilities which encourages everyone to develop the confidence and skills required to reach their full potential, gain positive social and personal skills, become confident and build lasting friendships.
  • Meaningful volunteering opportunities to disadvantaged people including but not exclusively to those with physical and learning disabilities, mental health and well being issues, and ex-offenders.
  • Promoting a Health and Well being agenda through our own work and collaborating with partner organisations.
We look forward to supporting the Sports Traider Charity in their mission and hope our partnership goes some way to helping them achieve this.