Cladding Cleaning History

Building Cleaning is now a major service in the cleaning industry but back in 1985 when Kaizen Group were in their infancy the cleaning of building exteriors was a much rarer sight. Modern cladding systems were just becoming popular on industrial buildings at a time when new cities such as Telford and Milton Keynes were developing. Kaizen Group saw an opportunity here and by 1990 were working predominantly for the Japanese companies that were moving in. Maxell, Ricoh, Epson, Sony , Nissan to name just a few all had modern cladded buildings that required some level of regular cleaning to maintain the warranties. Back in 1990 cleaning companies were generally either Office, Window or Industrial and a gap was appearing for a new type, the Specialist External Cleaning Company and Kaizen filled that gap.
Back to 2018 and there are now hundreds of self proclaimed “Specialists” but few have the experience nor expertise gained by Kaizen over the last thirty years.


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