Kaizen cleans up with a new system from Becosan.

Kaizen has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Serving warehouse owners and operators across the industrial sector, the company has shown its credentials as a top-rated partner in business. The company is highly-respected for each service offered, whether it is gutter relining, cut edge corrosion, repainting or high level internal and external cleaning.

A new service

The service offered by Kaizen has just got better, with the inclusion of the BECOSAN SYSTEM. Concrete makes up such a lot of our built-up environment because it is cheap to lay, easy to maintain, and it lasts even in high traffic areas. However, without the right treatment from the right people, concrete floors can collect dust and become difficult to clean. A substandard environment can easily compromise a reputation of quality you want to project to clients. If left to an extreme, the concrete surface can crack and erode and become hazardous to employees.

Chosen by experts

BECOSAN can give you that high-polished finish that keeps your concrete floor dust-free and sparkling, without the inconvenience and expense of needing to relay or reseal the area. It is a unique solution, applied by Kaizen professionals across the UK and Europe. It
has been selected for its ability to improve the appearance and durability of concrete surfaces dramatically. More than this, it leaves a high-grip, non-slip surface.

M.D. Rob Burnett said “We were particularly impressed with the Becosan System of refurbishment because it offers our clients a measurable return on their investment. The high-shine finish reduces the need for high-energy lighting in large areas, cutting back on
expensive energy bills, it’s easy to clean and It serves to prolong the life of concrete surfaces, reducing maintenance bills. As always, Kaizen sought to find a service that self- evidently pays for itself.”

Kaizen is now pleased to announce demonstrations of its new service. The proof of the wonder of BECOSAN is best witnessed in person. Therefore, Kaizen will be exhibiting at the INTRALOGISTIX in Coventry on the 26th and 27th February and again at IMHX on the
24th – 27th September. If this is inconvenient, Kaizen are always happy to arrange demonstrations across the UK, travelling to you, helping you to make the best decision.

Time to shine

Customer service is at the heart of the Kaizen experience. Contact the team to organise your demonstration of the BECOSAN system. 0800 169 4572 www.kaizengroup.co.uk


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