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When only ‘as good as new’ will do.

Industrial cleaning: Make the right decision. Choosing a cleaning contractor is an important task with big responsibilities. There are many factors to consider such as efficiency, cost and safety.

This is why we’ve developed industrial cleaning services to meet your needs

● Minimal disruption to operations

● High level health & safety standards

● Ingenious solutions to access problems

● Save your company time and money without skimping on quality

Thorough planning and preparation. Expert skills and advice. Best equipment and methodologies. Professional attitudes. These things save you money, keep people safe and increase the lifespan of buildings.Having worked with many clients over twenty five years, on a diverse range of cleaning projects, we’ve honed our craft to suit your professional requirements.

This is why we keep up with the times: if there’s a new development in technology, we combine it with our highly evolved processes and deliver you leading edge results .

● Meticulous planning & assessment to determine the best methodology and equipment  for the job

● Detailed expert advice to help you make the right decisions

● The latest technology means time saved and better results

● Professional, friendly and motivated technicians

● Working with us is not hard work.

This is just a small selection of our industrial cleaning services

Roof cleaning – Any type of industrial or commercial roof can be cleaned. Including asbestos roofs which can also be coated.

Floor cleaning -This is more than just cleaning: we repair, clean,prepare and protect every kind of floor surface

Bridge cleaning – Brick, stone, steel , concrete or cast iron –it doesn’t matter. We can inspect, clean, repaint and refurbish any bridge

Cladding – We bring cladding back to life without damaging the protective coatings

Cold store cleaning -We can thoroughly clean your site inline with DEFRA standards

Factory Cleaning – Inside or out, high dust removal, painting and refurbishment

We have high ethical standards – Everything we do is geared towards the safety of our technicians and the people on site

Rope access: This innovative system can eliminate the need for costly scaffolding.

Truck mounted equipment enables us to reach awkward areas – IPAF trained operators.

Fully accredited – We represent the highest industry standards in terms of best practice

                                    Highly skilled and responsible teams

All of our technicians share our values for outstanding service, safety and technical excellence

Total respect when working on site, we care for the building and the surrounding area

Wide range of equipment for a wide range of jobs

From unique cleaning systems to innovative solutions,we can tackle any industrial cleaning project

End of project care. No leftover mess

A job should be seen through to the very end

Your responsibilities are our responsibilities

Being a facility manager is a tough role. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Because we understand this, we’ve moulded our operations around your professional requirements.

By using a leading edge contractor committed to the highest Health & Safety standards,you safeguard your workforce and achieve maximum efficiency for your company

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We’ll climb up, abseil down and inspect every nook and cranny until we understand what your building needs inside and out, to make it as good as new.

Our service

The difference between good and great is the detail. And we make sure every single one is perfect.

It’s inevitable that over time; sustained heavy use and the elements will take their toll on any building.  When that happens, Kaizen are the people to come to. We’ve spent years developing a range of refurbishment services and perfecting our techniques so we can offer everything you need in-house.

The process starts with a thorough inspection from top to bottom – we’ll climb up, abseil down and look in every nook and cranny until we understand your building inside and out.

We’ll then send you a detailed report about our findings, supported by photographs and a list of recommendations and a proposed schedule of works.

Key Benefits

  • Meticulous planning and assessment to determine the best methodology and equipment  for the job
  • Detailed expert advice to help you make the right decisions
  • The latest technology means time saved and better results
  • Professional, friendly and experienced team
  • Minimal disruption to operations
  • High health & safety standards
  • Ingenious solutions to access problems

How we can help

Here’s a range of the kind of jobs we can undertake:

Bolt removal

Nearly all distribution hubs use racking bolted to the floor. When the time comes to hand back the building to the owner, a common dilapidation requirement is to remove the bolts. As we’ve been asked so many times to provide this service, we can offer to remove these too. Another part of the complete refurbishment service that Kaizen offers.


Concrete Floor Polishing

We are THE experts in this, with a unique and specialised system called BECOSAN® that not only restores a concrete floor, it even stops dust returning and is non-slip. Read all about it here.


Repainting services

We can repaint an entire building for you. Top to bottom, inside or out. We’re also experienced in applying specialist types of paint – fireproof, graffiti-resistant, we’ve done it. Just get in touch with your requirements and our team will talk you through what you need.


Metal or UPVC double-glazed windows often suffer from various issues from blown panels to faulty gaskets. As part of our services and because of our innovative access methods , we can get to those hard-to-reach windows and repair the, improving the look from the outside, and the view from the inside.

Cladding and Fascia

Large buildings of all types are often covered in various types of fascia. Over time these become discoloured, brittle and/or cracked, making a building unsightly. We can remedy this by specialist refurbishment techniques or by precision panel replacement.

Cut-edge corrosion

A common issue with corrugated buildings. Where the edges of the different panels join (the ‘cut-edge’) dirt can collect. When dirt collects, moisture collects which leads to rusting, leaks and damage to the fabric of the building. Our specialist team can rectify this problem and make it ‘as new’.

Roof repairs

The roof is the most important part of every building, yet as it’s literally out of sight, it can often get neglected. This leads to a variety of problems including cut-edge corrosion, guttering leaks and damage to the fabric of the roof and skylights (that can get broken and also dirty, lowering natural light and increasing lighting bills). Following an inspection we can pinpoint the issues with your roof, and undertake a programme of works to make it watertight for years to come.

Stone Repairs

We can repair any kind of stone or brickwork. From pointing to marble, we’ll get it looking great.


We understand that our service is only as good as the talents of our team. That’s why the expertise and training of our staff is of paramount importance, so they’re fully prepared for the tough and exacting work they do. Over the years we’ve gained the top accreditations in our industry, and maintain them through regular auditing and a continuous programme of staff training and improvement.

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From the first friendly chat to the last happy handshake, we’re here to make everything simple and easy, and to complete the job in hand in an efficient, safe and enjoyable way to the highest of standards.

If you’d like to talk to us about your requirements, arrange a visit, or ask our expert advice on a specialised job, please get in touch:

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