Hospital & Industrial Concrete Floor Cleaning

Make it dust-proof, durable
and easy to clean.

Concrete makes up so much of our built environment because it’s affordable, easy to maintain, durable and built to last. It can also handle exposure to high traffic, heavy equipment and can withstand elements and contaminants.

But after years of taking continuous abuse, the cracks begin to show; it becomes harder to keep clean, starts to become unfit for purpose and can potentially become a hazard to your workforce. The only solution has been a very substantial investment to cut and reseal, or completely re-lay the floor. Until now…

Our concrete refurbishment service won’t only restore and improve what you have now, it’ll take your floor to a whole new level of practicality, robustness and effectiveness.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-clean
  • Hygenic and safe
  • Light reflective and sustainable

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What we do

Concrete Floor
Cleaning &

Cleaning and restoring concrete floors to significantly extend their useful life.

What we do

Building &

Cleaning & maintaining commercial buildings so your business can run successfully.

What we do


Rejuvenating any type of building or structure to an ‘as good as new’ standard.

concrete polishing

The industry’s most innovative and cost-effective solution.

Our team of concrete refurbishment experts have chosen to exclusively use the BECOSAN® system.

This unique solution restores any industrial concrete flooring to dramatically improve its appearance, resistance and durability. But that’s not where the benefits end.

It’ll stay cleaner for longer and provide a safe high-grip, non-slip surface. It’ll prolong wear and tear, reflect more light for a better working environment and lower your energy costs at the same time. Which all adds up to a low maintenance, cost-effective investment that’ll continue performing as hard as your business.

Buildings we work with


Churches, stately homes, city landmarks.

Buildings we work with


Warehouses, distribution centres, factories.

Buildings we work with


Bridges, wind farms, steelworks.


We understand that our service is only as good as the talents of our team. That’s why the expertise and training of our staff is of paramount importance, so they’re fully prepared for the tough and exacting work they do. Over the years we’ve gained the top accreditations in our industry, and maintain them through regular auditing and a continuous programme of staff training and improvement.

Hospital Floor Cleaning Services

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