Warehouse Dilapidations

When only ‘as good as new’
will do.

Our expert team will rejuvenate any type of building or structure to an ‘as good as new’ standard.

No building is too big for us – we’ve worked on hundreds of warehouses, dozens of bridges and even aircraft hangars. No matter how tall, complex or tricky to access, you’re in safe hands with us.

We’ve always been innovators in our industry: if there’s a new development in technology, we combine it with our highly evolved processes and deliver you the results you need.


  • Bolt removal
  • Cladding and Fascia
  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Cut-edge corrosion
  • Repainting services
  • Roof repairs
  • Windows
  • Stone repairs

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Contact us now: 01234825322

What we do

Concrete Floor
Cleaning &

Cleaning and restoring concrete floors to significantly extend their useful life.

What we do

Building &

Cleaning & maintaining commercial buildings so your business can run successfully.

What we do


Rejuvenating any type of building or structure to an ‘as good as new’ standard.

Our services

The difference between good and great is the detail. And we make sure every single one is perfect.

It’s inevitable that over time; sustained heavy use and the elements will take their toll on any building.  When that happens, Kaizen are the people to come to. We’ve spent years developing a range of refurbishment services and perfecting our techniques so we can offer everything you need in-house.

The process starts with a thorough inspection from top to bottom – we’ll climb up, abseil down and look in every nook and cranny until we understand your building inside and out.

We’ll then send you a detailed report about our findings, supported by photographs and a list of recommendations and a proposed schedule of works.

Buildings we work with


Churches, stately homes, city landmarks.

Buildings we work with


Warehouses, distribution centres, factories.

Buildings we work with


Bridges, wind farms, steelworks.


We understand that our service is only as good as the talents of our team. That’s why the expertise and training of our staff is of paramount importance, so they’re fully prepared for the tough and exacting work they do. Over the years we’ve gained the top accreditations in our industry, and maintain them through regular auditing and a continuous programme of staff training and improvement.

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From the first friendly chat to the last happy handshake, we’re here to make everything simple and easy, and to complete the job in hand in an efficient, safe and enjoyable way to the highest of standards.

If you’d like to talk to us about your requirements, arrange a visit, or ask our expert advice on a specialised job, please get in touch:

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