Air Abrasive

Air-abrasive, otherwise known as ‘swirl-abrasive’, uses a selected abrasive material carried by a flow of compressed air to a specialised nozzle.

A variable volume of water is added to the system, and the abrasive material and water pass through the nozzle in a vortex which is then directed at the surface being cleaned.

The mineral abrasive used can be anything from the softest materials like calcite, to the hardest materials like diamonds. We select the abrasive based on what we’re cleaning and its Mohs Hardeness (scratch resistance). The abrasive is always softer than the surface which prevents any damage, whilst ensuring the best cleaning result possible.


Air abrasive cleaning is one of the most sensitive and efficient methods of cleaning historic and modern masonry surfaces.


Air abrasive cleaning is extremely low pollution risk, with no harmful residue, and is completely safe for the environment.


Air abrasive cleaning is very low on water consumption (just 60 litres per hour), which gives the ability to work drier.

Best used on

Because air abrasive cleaning is so gentle, it can be used on stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, concrete and even glass. It can also be used on bronze, brass, copper and anodised aluminium to remove oxidation and sulphation.

What can air abrasive cleaning remove?

  • Lime & cement based paints
  • Brittle paint
  • Paint and plaster residues
  • Oil-based paints
  • Bitumen (if oxidised)
  • Limescale
  • Efflorescence
  • Carbon pollutants

In detail

Air abrasive cleaning systems generate super-heated water in a burner, and an electric pump generates high pressure. The super-heated is delivered through a high pressure lance. With full control of pressure and temperature and a 15º to 25º cleaning edge created with a ceramic nozzle, optimal precision, cleaning and surface protection is delivered.


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