Dencora House, Milton Keynes

Our client, property investment company Dencora purchased a 1990s-era office building that had suffered from a lack of investment and needed complete refurbishment inside and out to make it more appealing to potential tenants.

Location: Milton Keynes

Project Value: £25,000

Completion: Spring 2016

The client had approached other companies in our field to rejuvenate the very tatty looking exterior cladding panels but without success, as after the newly-cleaned panels dried, the stains re-appeared.

We conducted an initial site visit and full inspection using mechanical access methods to discover that the panels had a combination of surface staining, silicone bleed and hydrocarbon deposits from vehicle exhausts. This was going to be a very specialist job; but we had the knowledge and contacts to source a unique prototype product from Sweden. When applied to a test area and left for a few minutes it removed the stains completely and just required a gentle rinse with water to make the exterior look brand new again.

Why mechanical access?

Mechinical access offered a stable and mobile platform to reach every part of the building, whilst also allowing us to carry the tools required for the job with us.  We used two 85ft self-propelled booms that were perfectly suited to the job in hand.

The team we used

We put together a team of four IPAF trained technicians to work on the project, and security personnel on the ground to ensure the safety of the public on the busy thoroughfare.

 What our client said:

“We commissioned kaizen to undertake a thorough clean of a 1990s office block that was past its best. We were given a demonstration of the service Kaizen could offer with a test panel being cleaned and returned to a virtually new looking finish. We then commissioned the cleaning of the entire external elevations and the result is a building that stands out for all the right reasons! Kaizen managed the process very efficiently indeed and the work was carried out on budget and on schedule with minimum disruption. We will definitely be using Kaizen again.”

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