RAF Cardington Hangers, Bedfordshire

Built in the early twentieth century to build and house airships (including the infamous R101 that crashed on her maiden voyage in France), and now used as a location to shoot films such as Star Wars and Batman; these listed buildings had numerous holes in the roof and we were approached to remove and replace eight acres of debris netting.

Location: Bedfordshire

Project Value: £80,000

Completion: Spring 2015

We firstly undertook a thorough structural survey of the hangars via rope access, and discovered that due to the holes in the roof there was a huge amount of debris in the netting that would need to be carefully and safely removed before we could even begin to replace it.

Why rope access?

With such a unique, large-scale complex structure, rope access was the only option  – any mechanical cherry pickers or scissor lifts just didn’t have the reach! Rope access meant we could be very agile and manoeuvre around the large space quickly and safely.

The team we used

We assigned a team of eight IRATA trained rope access technicians and two project managers who developed a detailed and fully safety-checked plan to dismantle the netting and lower it to the ground along with the debris inside.

The results

Over a seven-week period we first removed over four tons of debris and broken roof panels in the existing netting, then removed the damaged netting – which weighed more than two tons – and replaced it with a new, high quality netting which will ensure the safety of those below it for many years to come.

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