Liquasil roof repair and refurbishment

Introduction to Liquasil

The roof is the most important part of every building, yet as it’s literally out of sight, it can often get neglected. On commercial buildings this can lead to a variety of problems including cut-edge corrosion, gutter leaks and damage to the fabric of the roof not to mention sky lights. Skylights can degrade and break down which will prevent them from allowing as much natural light through which will inevitability increase your lighting bills.  Following an inspection, we can pinpoint the issues with your roof and undertake a programme of works to make it watertight for years to come whether its preventative maintenance or corrective maintenance.
Our team of roof repair and refurbishment experts have chosen to use the Liquasil® range of polymer roof coatings, developed and formulated to solve the problems associated with many types of roof systems on commercial and industrial buildings. From cut-edge corrosion treatments to gutter and roof repair systems, Liquasil® have a solution that is easy to apply, highly effective and backed by their 10 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee that provides full cover for labour, access and materials for its duration.
As an approved Liquasil® installer, any installations we carry out over 40 sq meters automatically come with the Liquasil® 10 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee, which is specially designed and underwritten exclusively for Liquasil® Ltd and provided by an A-Rated, Lloyds of London insurer.

The Liquasil® System: Roof repair, refurbishment and coatings that are guaranteed to restore and protect.

  • 1

    Low solvent or solvent-free. Can be applied where other coatings can't go

  • 2

    Cold applied, no need for hot works

  • 3

    Single pack silicones. No mixing, just open stir and apply

  • 4

    Up to 1400% elasticity. Remains highly flexible from -60ºc to +200ºc

  • 5

    UV stable. Unaffected by direct sunlight

  • 6

    Resists fungal growth. Unsightly moss and lichen growth eliminated


  • 7

    Unique Guarantee. Latent defects full insurance guarantee as standard on most installations


  • 8

    Any RAL colour. Say goodbye to grey, we make any colour


  • 9

    Apply all year round. Cures at lower temperatures than other coatings


We’re highly experienced and approved applicators of the Liquasil® system.

Where Liquasil

is used

Liquasil® Cut-Edge System:

Easy to apply, cost-efficient and totally robust. Cut-edge corrosion is a common issue with corrugated steel commercial buildings. Where the edges of the different panels join (the ‘cut-edge’) dirt can collect. When dirt collects, moisture collects, and that leads to rusting, leaks and damage to the fabric of the building.

Our specialist team can rectify this problem and make it ‘as new’ using the Liquasil® system.

Liquasil® AsbestosSeal System:

Permanently fix problematic asbestos roofs. Asbestoseal, is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to permanently fix problematic asbestos roofs.

Liquasil® MetalSeal System:

Cost-effective and water-repelling. Our unique system to refurbish and protect metal buildings. Made from a specially formulated silicone polymer to provide a hardened finish that actively repels water, resists environmental dirt pick-up and prevents the build up of unsightly moss and lichen growth, it’s one of the best metal roof coatings available.

Liquasil® GutterSeal System:

Seamless, highly flexible and eliminates leaks. Liquasil’s gutter liner system forms a complete, seamless and highly flexible lining that eliminates leaks from commercial and industrial property’s gutter systems.

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