Introduction to Weatherfast

Developed in association with Fatra UK, striving to meet increasing demands for safer site conditions and using the original and trusted PVC membrane composition, Weatherfast Ltd exclusively offers the best slip resistant gutter membrane on the market. Weatherfast offer an approved contractors installation scheme. Contractors can be trained to maximise quality installations and have the peace of mind that completed works will be inspected and guaranteed by Weatherfast Ltd & Fatra UK to achieve a 25 year warranty.

Weatherfast products have been certificated by the BBA which brings together a number of tests including physical performance, fire resistance and certification that the product is “fit for purpose”. It has also been given a life expectancy of over 25 years.
The system extends the working and serviceable life of any gutter system, as high performance stabilised PVC ensures corrosion of the weather face of the gutter is eliminated. The PVC lined system also offers a sustained waterproofing service for 25 years.

Weatherfast exclusively offers the

best slip resistant gutter membrane on the market

Key Benefits

  • 1

    25 year product guarantee. Gives you peace of mind

  • 2

    Arrives on site flat packed. which means it doesnt get in the way with other jobs

  • 3

     It has an easy to assemble system, that will reduce labour cost

  • 4

    Up to 3000mm lenghts and 1500mm widths

  • 5

    30 year System warranty on application

  • 6

    Unique 3 un-fold system for easy installation



Where is Weatherfast


WeatherFOLD gutter system

Quick, simple & easy for any gutter refurbishment and can also be used on new projects.
Designed for use on both commercial and industrial gutter systems. Fatra 1.2 mm PVC, bonded to a 0.6 mm steel substrate, available in lengths up to 1.5m wide x 3m with a built in 75 mm end lap.


We understand that our service is only as good as the talents of our team. That’s why the expertise and training of our staff is of paramount importance, so they’re fully prepared for the tough and exacting work they do. Over the years we’ve gained the top accreditations in our industry, and maintain them through regular auditing and a continuous programme of staff training and improvement.

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