Falch Pointspeed rotary nozzle

Prologis Junction 13

UK - Becosan Kaizen

Kaizen Concrete Polishing - Magna Park 2018

Concrete Polishing

DOFF Testing Travertine

Cladding Refurbishment

MK Bus


Floor Strip

Time Lapse Cladding Cleaning

Kaizen Concrete Polishing - Magna Park 2018

UK - becosan kaizen

Project Didcot Start

Concrete Polish

Kaizen Client Journey.

Becosan - Kaizen

Tesco DIRFT Distribution

Graffiti Removal MK Bus

Drone Spraying


Concrete Polishing 2017

Industrial Cleaning Quotes

A921 - Internal and External

Exposed Aggregate Test Clean

European Cladding Cleaning

C332 High level Cladding Cleaning

DIRFT Cleaning


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